These are the areas that can be found in Age of Time.




Credit to Plastiware for this map.

Port Town

The starting town, has a Sword Giver, Shop, Bank, and Blacksmith.


Near Fort Bad, sells potions, is recycled as the Starboard Shop.


Near Port Town, allows you to have a proper arena for PvP, dying here does not get rid of gold.

Starboard Town

A near identical copy of Port Town except for a couple of asthetic differences and is above a lake.


A long narrow tube, will die instantly by fall damage unless you have a Horse or a Hook, contains Orange, Black, and Magenta Dye, has Fire Orcs.

Beach House

A copy of a house in Port Town, has Blue Slimes around it.

Fort Bad

A fort dedicated to Badspot, has Rocket Orcs outside it.


A short pitch dark cave that ends with a pit with a massive monster spawn rate.

Treehouse Challenge

A challenge where you must scale up the base of a tree, used to give you a Magic Crossbow for sale, is now broken.

Log Challenge

A tall stack of logs found near Red Crater, you must scale to obtain the Golden Hook.

Level 1

A level hidden in the Woods, gives out a Hook at the end.

Level 2

A level near Fort Bad, used to give a large sum of Gold, is now broken.

Major Areas:


A large wooded area near Port Town, has Green Dyes and Level 1.


A large low water level area, has Cyan Dyes and Zombies.

Auric Fields

A field of yellow grass, has Yellow dyes.

Red Crater

A crater full of red grass, has Red Dyes.

Blue Hill

An underwater crater full of Sea Monsters, has Blue Dyes.

Distant Forest

A very far away dark forest, has nothing special.

Hidden/Unlisted Areas:

Woods Tunnels

An area within the Woods that is a dark narrow series of tunnels, used to have a 200 dollar bill and some Gold within.

Police Station

A brick building near Port Town where after an hour of being online and not commiting any crimes you can become a police officer.

Port Town Shop

A shop in Port Town that sells many items, also has a place where other players can sell items.

Hook Swing

A large floating rod and platform found near the Swamp that gives nothing for completing.

Starboard Shop

A shop found in Starboard Town, the only place to buy a Thong and Expensive Parchment.